Product development is our PASSION.

We provide rapid design & engineering support on projects from strategic product definition through process development and custom equipment fabrication. We conceptualize, develop and implement innovative design engineering solutions by integrating technology, market trends, brand awareness, and through perceived product direction. All projects benefit from over 90 years combined design and engineering experience from our small team of experts.

Our product design philosophy is to embody simplicity, robustness, modularity, serviceability, and design for manufacturing (DFM). User-centered design with attention to aesthetics, functionality and cost effective manufacturing are paramount for all of our projects.


  • Expertise in designing of high quality products that are safe, profitable, and ecologically sound with product differentiation, increased competitive advantage, cost reduction, and risk management.
  • A solid track record of successful, high-profile product design projects in the consumer, medical, industrial and military fields.
  • Extensive product development and prototyping capabilities with materials and manufacturing expertise.
  • Rapid services and personal attention to every client and project.
  • A small team of experts to take charge of your project with a low overhead and minimal "red tape" compared to heavy handed firms.

Cut time to market. Stemming from our experience, we strive to differentiate ourselves from large firms that tend to over analyze and drag through the product development process.

As a small and nimble team, we can integrate efficiently and work alongside existing teams. Whether it is a full project or a specific scope of a phase to meet deadlines, we can customize the level of our support.

  • Contractual consulting on product development, analysis and recommendations
  • Facilitate product design alongside development teams, or synthesize them independently
  • Develop new market opportunities with unique products
  • Reinvigorate dated products with modern design aesthetics and improved functionality
  • Improve performance and reduce cost of exisiting products & equipment